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Surprises on the way to heart surgery

August 3, 2010

I’m the first to admit that I’m not the best at remembering to brush my kids teeth.  I remind them, I try to remember daily, but sometimes I forget.  Sometimes I’m doing good to remember to feed them okay. 😉

I’m joking.  Well not totally, but some days when we’re really busy we do a “fend for yourself” kind of thing and they eat cereal for dinner.

Last Thursday, one week from Princess2’s heart cath procedure, I decided to brush her teeth and LOOK at them closely.  Only I didn’t need a super duper close look, just more paying attention after I had brushed them than normal, and I saw a dark spot on a tooth.  Can it be?  Is that a cavity?!  I wonder when after surgery we can get that fixed?  Hmmm, guess I better call Vanderbilt.

Friday morning I DID call Vanderbilt, after posting to Facebook about my surprises.  Imagine my surprise when they told me that since her heart cath procedure is considered invasive (they’re inserting a set of coils) that they would have to postpone the heart cath until the cavity was repaired.  She could not have have her heart cath procedure until AFTER the teeth issues were fixed.


9am on Friday morning I find this out.  Do you realize that most dentists are closed on Fridays?  Yeah, I didn’t really know that either.  I called our pediatric dentist, and they were emergency only.  I figured, this is an emergency…right?  Only Princess2 is NOT their patient of record yet.

So, I called MY dentist.  He won’t do cavities on 2.5 year olds.

I called a friend who is a dentist, and left a message.

I called another friend to whine.  Then I called another friend to whine some more, only she wasn’t home so she was spared that whine fest for later.

I called another referred by a friend dentist, he was out and only available to patients of record for emergencies.


NO ONE called me back.  I had NOTHING in place to get this tooth looked at.  I looked at our calendar, I looked at all the plans we had in place, and I saw, it was Princess1’s birthday weekend and I resolved to ENJOY the weekend and worry about the tooth on Monday.  At worst, we had to reschedule and everyone we were scheduled with in regards to plans were understanding and FLEXIBLE.  It was doable.

Saturday afternoon, my friend who is the dentist was coming home from Disney.  Her office called me and set us up for Monday afternoon at 1pm.  What compassionate people, what great friends…who CARES that my dental insurance is not done by them….we’ll work it out.

I took her in, not really knowing what to expect (this is the first cavity experience of all my kids), and even I was shocked by Princess2’s behavior.  I sat her down on the chair, Dr. A talked with her a little, and then asked if she could see her teeth.  Princess2 opened her mouth right up nice and big.

She didn’t squirm.  She didn’t wiggle.  She sat there so very still through the numbing, through the shot of novacaine (she whimpered once at the end).  She sat VERY still through the drilling, though I noticed she sort of stared off into space a little looking at the light and didn’t acknowledge any of us.

*yeah that raises a red flag on attachment type stuff, but I figure we’ve had her for 8 weeks, so it’s early yet and to be expected*

Then, as they were doing the filling, she fell asleep.  SHE. FELL. ASLEEP.

Her cavity is all repaired.  We’re still on schedule for the heart cath procedure on Thursday.  I’m still incredibly nervous about it.

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  1. August 3, 2010 11:02 pm

    So glad for your friend who really did what was needed in your time of crisis. I love that dentist, even though I will probably never ever meet her (hope to meet you all someday, though)

    The staring at the light? I don’t see that as an attachment thing–I would guess it’s more a coping mechanism. Did they give your Princess some goofy juice (my DD’s dentist gives them something mixed with a tiny bit of gatorade–I can’t remember what it is, for the life of me) and then uses gas. DD, who is terrified of everything, LOVES her dentist. Which DH’s insurance will not cover come October. 😦 He’s retiring and we’re going on military insurance then. Hope our girl does not have any more cavities after that.

    Again, thrilled for the dentist, and praying for the rest of the week.

    • August 3, 2010 11:12 pm

      They did not give her anything other than the numbing stuff to the lip/gum. The staring at the light was weird actually. She was fixated on it, and we could NOT get her attention. It was like she retreated inside herself and zoned out. That combined with her falling asleep actually sort of worries me, but I’m going to say it was a coping mechanism and possibly related to attachment and try not to worry too much. There’s enough else to worry about.

  2. shirlee permalink
    August 5, 2010 2:25 pm

    I’m praying for all of you.

  3. August 6, 2010 10:22 am

    How is she and how did the cath go? It was yesterday (Thursday) correct? Hope all is going perfectly for your baby girl!

  4. roomforatleastonemore permalink
    August 6, 2010 4:51 pm

    Update us when you can LOL! I know you are thinking of all of us stalking the blog right now. I really hope she does not have any post-sleepy meds issues. S does sometimes and sometimes not.

    Hugs to you and so thankful it all went well. Hoping you’re home by now.

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